You know you want it!

If you wish to add a second line of products to your business


  • Fritou distinguishes itself by the flexibility of its concept
  • Specifically developed for business owners operating a restaurant or a high-volume  business (ex.: supermarket,  convenience store)
  • To add high quality chicken products to your existing menu
  • To present a professional and attractive image
  • Turnkey operation (equipment, interior and exterior signage, exclusive recipe, professional training, marketing, uniform, blueprints, etc.)
  • Our layout service guides you throughout your project for a good start, assisted by our certified trainers.

A concept based on flexibility


  • When opting for Fritou you’re choosing all the advantages of a franchise operation minus the heavy costs and royalty fees.
  • By joining Fritou, your main responsibilities are simply to follow the norms and standards of the chain, comply with its guidelines for the use of the trademark, and purchase the Fritou exclusive products from the Fritou head office.

By becoming a Fritou concept owner you will profit from several beneficial features:


  • No royalty fees
  • No annual fees on your gross sales
  • Complete independence in your day-to-day operations
  • Suggested retail price list
  • Promotional support
  • Exclusive sales territory
  • Fritou purchasing power
  • Technical and training support
  • Very competitive profit margin

Operating rights instead of franchise fees

When you choose Fritou you are opting for a concept similar to a franchise, but leaving you with more money in your pocket. Our concept relies on operating rights, which assures you many advantages compared to what a franchise would offer you:


Fritou unique opportunities



Note: These figures are based on 800,000 annual pales. With Fritou, you can save up to $130,000 in different fees in the first year! As for the subsequent years, you could save up to $80,000 in recurring annual fees. 

  • Possibility of adding a 2nd line of products to your business (pizza or other) and have the opportunity to double your gross revenue! (For example: Fritou $400,000; Pizza $300,000 for a total of $700,000).
  • No minimum number of restaurants required.
  • You will profit from all the advantages of being part of a chain, without having to pay the same costs.
  • Flexibility.... Obviously, you will need to follow the Fritou basic standards and norms, but you will have some liberty in regards to management, marketing and operations.

A renewed trademark image

  • When joining Fritou you are choosing a chain that is mindful of the image it is conveying. From the take-out boxes to the illuminated menus or the Fritou professional and modern environment, everything has been thought of to offer an attractive setting for your clientele and a stimulating environment for your employees. Different marketing solutions are also available to suit your needs.

Support for your day-to-day operations

  • We offer you professional support, whether it be for advertising, your daily tasks, management or food preparation... We will be there to support and help you in the success of your Fritou operation.