You know you want it!

  • An average Canadian household goes to the restaurant or eats fast-food at least 520 times in a year and chicken is Canadians’ preferred meat.
  • Canadians love chicken best, followed by beef, pork, turkey, lamb and veal.
  • Chicken consumption has been growing steadily for the past 20 years: total domestic consumption was 989,800,000 kg in 2005, compared to 501,350,000 kg in 1985, which represents an increase of 97%.
  • The chicken consumption per capita has soared in the past 30 years, from 13 kg in 1975 to 30.7 kg in 2005, an increase of 136%. By way of comparison, per capita beef and pork consumption has declined by 35 % and 4 % respectively over the same period.
  • Over the years, Canadians' preferences have changed. We are more frequently opting for chicken, primarily due to an increase in health awareness and the overall health benefits of eating chicken. Compared to red meats, chicken is perceived as much leaner and therefore healthier. There is also an increased presence of substitute products containing chicken (i.e. chicken burgers), often seen as a healthier choice compared to its red meat alternative.
  • Restaurant dining is more popular than ever and has increased the demand in the foodservice industry. We are eating out more often, and a bigger part of our budget is allocated for meals taken in restaurants.

(*) Statistics Canada