You know you want it!

A wide variety of subjects are addressed during the training session

  • General information about chicken (expiry date, type of products to order, etc.)
  • Preparation methods of all the Fritou products
  • Equipment maintenance and operation
  • Retail prices
  • Practical information (packaging, etc)
  • Remittance of the «Fritou Owner’s Guide» with all the information addressed during the training session and much more.

Depending on the magnitude of your project, the following themes might also be addressed during the training session

  • Employee management (hiring, communication, employee motivation, etc.)
  • Employee hygiene
  • Restaurant cleanliness (cleaning frequencies, products to use, etc.)
  • Advertising your business

After the training session, you will continue to get our full support with your day-to-day operations (chicken preparation, employee management, etc.)


Many Fritou promotional tools are available to effectively promote your restaurant in your community.

Personalized layout


Our layout service is continuously innovating because we are committed to achieve the friendliest and most appealing sites possible. Whether it be for a simple refresh of your restaurant setting or a complete remodeling of an empty space, we are able to guide you through the main steps. Depending on the specificities of your site, we can provide detailed plans and suggest competent people to do the work. Afterwards, we will be working closely with the construction company that you have chosen to make sure that the work is done in accordance with the Fritou norms and standards. We also make on-site visits during the construction to make sure that everything is done according to the blueprints and we will intervene if necessary.

One-stop distribution center

Our distribution center ensures that the supplies necessary for the chicken preparation are readily available and delivered to you. You will find the majority of the products you need, such as ingredients, equipment, and advertising material all at one place. Therefore, you get great prices thanks to Fritou's buying power.