You know you want it!

Grocery program


Investing in a Fritou program for your «Deli» department is a wise business decision. By doing so, you are taking the opportunity to grow your business in a rapidly expanding market segment which is showing no signs of slowing down.

Canadian chiken market

The volume of chicken produced in recent years reflects Canadians growing love of the meat.  According to some statistics, production reached an all-time high in 2019 with a production of 1,27 million metric tons of chicken.

Also, chicken was the most consumed meat by Canadians in 2020 with an average consumption of 75.93 pounds of white meat per capita. Chicken consumption has risen by almost 20 pounds per capita since 1998. Beef and pork consumption, on the other hand, have decreased in recent years, amounting to 39.75 and 31.57 pounds per capita respectively in 2020.

The retail sales value of poultry has grown by over 30% since 2012. People prefer chicken because it is a leaner source of protein.


New generation, New realities....

These days, time flies often too quickly for families who are juggling with many different tasks everyday: work, household chores, homeworks, after-school activities, etc. Supermarkets have had to adapt to answer their clients’ new needs and demands, as well as to follow the changes in their purchasing habits. Today’s clients are looking for supermarkets offering a wide variety of products and services, so they can find everything under the same roof, and save time. For today’s parents, having the possibility to buy a home meal replacement at the same place they run their errands is simply fantastic!  The fact that 36 % of consumers said that home meal replacements are a cheaper alternative leaves no choice for today’s grocers.  If they want to take avantage of this market segment, they must make their Deli attractive. This is exactly what Fritou has done in the last years and we can help you make your Deli up-to-date.


Layout assistance

In addition to offering high quality equipment to suit your needs, we will design an inviting Fritou area within your store, and make it attractive for your clients. They will have the possibility to buy a variety of delicious take-out meals, such as our famous chicken pieces, our tender and juicy chicken burgers, our salads, our chicken strips, our popcorn chicken and so much more! It will also be possible for them to buy prepared meals to eat later on at work, home, or on a picnic.

The efficiency of a Brand

People prefer spending their money on national brands they trust, such as Fritou chicken. For over 30 years now, Canadians have seen Fritou sites open everywhere across the country.   They are sharing our passion for quality and flavours and have developed an unwavering loyalty towards our brand. That will help you to make your supermarket, the chicken destination of your neighborhood.

Three main programs are available. These programs have been designed to suit each type of market and the various needs of our potential customers.