You know you want it!


  • The candidate must have restaurant-related experience. He or she must either own a restaurant or have worked in a related field. (example: head of management, head chef, etc.).
  • The candidate agrees to develop his or her business in accordance with the rules and standards of the Fritou concept.
  • The candidate must have marketing and business development skills that will enable him or her to effectively promote Fritou in his or her territory.
  • The candidate must be highly motivated, dynamic and eager to develop his or her business in close relation with the local community.
  • The candidate must be able to negotiate terms with local suppliers.
  • The candidate must be solvent.
  • The candidate must have cash or liquid assets for a down payment on financing.
  • The candidate must find a site or building that is suitable for the operations of a Fritou in accordance with the specifications of the program in question.