You know you want it!

Different concepts for different needs

Depending on your market and local reality, there is a concept that has been specifically designed for you.  Whether you already have an established restaurant, want to add Fritou to your business or wish to open a new site, Fritou has the right product to suit your needs.

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Affordable acquisition costs and a complete integrated service

  • Your investment may vary from $1,000 to $2,500 per month, depending on the chosen concept and your initial down payment.

Different elements will influence your investment:

  • Your site dimensions
  • The equipment and furnishings required
  • The renovation costs

The cost of each program includes:

  • all the necessary equipment for the chicken preparation
  • interior and exterior signage
  • on-site professional training
  • your «Fritou owner’s guide»
  • the rights to use the Fritou trademark
  • constant support from the Fritou team
  • exclusive sales territory, determined by the Fritou head office according to pre-established criteria.

Furthermore, we offer our help with the layout of the concept you’ve chosen. Preliminary blueprints are developed to indicate the different guidelines that need to be followed (materials, type of finish, furniture, layout). Your contractor will use these blueprints as reference for the construction of your site.

In accordance with the constant evolution of our concept, each Fritou concept owner must now sign the «Fritou operation chart». This chart contains all the mandatory rules and standards to follow in the daily operation of a Fritou site (operation, cooking, image, marketing, etc.). It’s our way to insure optimal quality of our products at all times and to make sure every Fritou site across Canada is operating in the same manner and offering the same high quality products.

Three main programs are available. These programs have been designed to suit each type of market and the various needs of our potential customers.